Dutch composer/multi-instrumentalist Randolf Smeets, residing in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.

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new re-issue!
The Phlod-Nar:
In Eternity

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Re-issue from this 2010 album, an ambitious work of 45 minutes where the listerener is challenged to absorb multi-genres often jumping from one style to another. 

Also the intrumentation is as wide, from electronic programming, to classical compostions and real played acoustic and electric instruments. 

Inspired by musicians and composers as diverse as John Zorn, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, Björk, Igor Stravinsky, and way way more. 

Hopefully this album sounds still as fresh as 10 years ago, so a new and wider audience can appreciate it. 


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with bass, drums and percussion

treatments in sound = experimental soundscapes & noises

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ambient duo with Barry with piano and electronics

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