"It moves away from the pure abstract ambient and leaves in all of these musical elements,

a bit of rhythm, a hint of melody, the well-placed field recording..." - Vital Weekly (review MorphoGenesis cassette)

The Mun Astronauts

Ambient duo with Barry Schuwirth (a.k.a. Jaxxrain), released several albums and singles, including appearances on compilations. 

Barry: electronics

Randolf: piano Roland RD700-GX, Handsonic

All tracks written, performed and produced by Barry and Randolf, except Fallen Glass written by Philip Glass, Dream by John Cage (both on debut album Into the Ocean), Gnossienne 1 by Erik Satie. 



February 08, 2017

Single with 2 versions of POY, a studio and "live" recording. This track is a step away from our usual ambient stuff, and has some jazzy elements and is beat orientated.  

Satie: Gnossienne 1

October 31, 2015

Our variation of Erik Satie's Gnossienne part 1, which the piano part is played with a slow pace and has offcourse electronic additions. 


April 30, 2014

second album, more piano & electronics

Jaxxrain: electronics 
The Phlod-Nar: piano, Handsonic 10


Into the Ocean

June 09, 2011

First album of this duo, including are 2 adaptions of works by John Cage and Philip Glass.


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(c) 2016 and so on, Randolf Smeets. Some artworks by Ilja Kleinjans and Barry Schuwirth.