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"The Phlod-Nar is an intense combination of seriously melodic, seriously dark & seriously ambient styles of soundscapes and atmosphere." - Sleeping Bag Studios (review MorphoGenesis)

The Phlod-Nar

Randolf's main project started around 1996 and had his first 5 albums (as a 5 record set!) unofficially released in 2006, featuring all kinds of music and genres: from schizoid techno to demented jazz, from maniakal classical to free improvisation, from liberating ambient to disturbing noise, etc.
Continuing to this day with special releases (cassettes, Cd's, mini-Cd's, artwork, exclusive downloads) every album can be totally different from the previous. 

Click on an image (mobile version) or the button for the specific album. 

albums The Phlod-Nar
Black Paint

Black Paint and Red Ochre (re-issue)

March 29, 2022

New version of the original The Phlod-Nar debut, created between 2004-2006.
Mastered in 2021 and some works needed revision.
All music is mastered with LandR.


A very nervous, jumpy album exploring many forms and shapes of the outer limits of musical expression (sort of... :)

This album used to be (unofficially) part 1 of 5 of music from The Phlod-Nar 1996-2006.

In Eternity (front cover w txt) [2020].jpg

"In Eternity" (re-issue)

Augustus 2, 2021

This is a re-release from the 2010 album, a very eclectic mix of countless genres  and styles (drum 'n bass, ambient, krautrock, EDM, classical, hiphop, noise, new age...) and using electronic elements, classical compositions and acoustic instruments (guitar, clarinet, bass guitar, piano, percussion.. all played by Randolf himself). 

All tracks are for the first time mastered.
With an unique bonus remix and an Audiophile USB-stick Edition (with 24/32 bit high quality music + plenty of bonus tracks!)

"Now I will do nothing but listen…"

November 18, 2019

Single track, almost 25 minutes, using all kinds of unused recordings of broken/out-of-tune pianos, nature recordings, digital mobile phone applications, field recordings, harpsichord, etc. Throughout the piece there's a voice dialogue recording of a 1957 educational film.

Ambient Piano Pieces 1996-2016

June 30, 2019

A selection of some ambient piano pieces from the period 1996-2016. Some tracks can be found on other albums, some are released only on this album. This is a spotify only release. 

... at the Altar of Modernity

June 17, 2017

The (never officially released) original EP from 2006, a long piece (17+ minutes) divided into 2 parts: the first jumps from one genre to another, and the second part is a long wave-like meditation. 

Now available as limited numbered edition mini-Cd and download with 2 long bonus tracks. 

The Crystalline Piano, Part 3

March 15, 2016

Third installment of The Crystalline Piano series, electric piano improvisations.  
10 tracks of ambient and minimal music. Less melodic than the previous albums, parts 1 & 2, this album is more abstract, yet also more dreamy. 


January 28, 2016

MorphoGenesis, it has some "definitely rich substance, texture and atmosphere on this album from The Phlod-Nar…I really dig the darkness in the music on Morphogenesis and the unique & exotic sounds used on this record make for a bold-move in the ambient-genre and a listening experience that is immensely satisfying."

- reviewSleepingBagStudios


September 01, 2014

2 tracks featuring my son Sverre (with his heartbeat as beat) and featuring the lovely voice of my life partner Joke Bosschaerts on the second and longest (+15 minutes) title track. 

Song for Sverre is only available on the Cd version on Bandcamp! 


Selected Film Works 2007-2013

June 12, 2014

A collection of music written for film between 2007 and 2013. Some of them used in films, documentaries or short movies. The album contains exciting variations, different versions, crispy edits and original pieces. This is mostly dreamy piano music in combination with warm strings and occasionally music box, guitar, percussion and sound design. 


In Eternity

November 14, 2010

In Eternity is The Phlod-Nar’s new album, just completed after working on it for 1,5 years. Without a doubt this is by far his most varied work to date. While on his last albums To Inhale and Wanjina focusing mainly on one genre each (electronic and classical), In Eternity presents a natural sounding mixture of electronic, classical and acoustic sounds. The music often changes quickly from, let’s say, jumpy drum ‘n bass to ambient to atmospheric rock (Big Treats for Small People). Or in Still with our Heads in the Clouds from meditative acoustic/classical to an unfolding beat and ending with a large orchestra. Other tracks have less styles but still sound unique: 'A simple touch, to last forever' has an irregular beat combined with a warm clarinet (recorded by Randolf himself) and sounds of insects. Or drum ‘n bass and classical/piano/organ in 'I can see star Antares in your eyes'. Also the album has a 4 part classical work titled The Elements; from dark strings (Air) to a staccato wind ensemble (Fire), and from a slowly expanding orchestra (Earth) to a string quartet (Water).

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