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"highly creative composer by liberating musical constraints yet still keeping his works aurally pleasurable"

- Kelly O'Neil (review Works for Piano)

Composed music

Composed pieces written for solo instruments, duo ensembles, chamber and vocal groups and orchestras.

I started to begin writing dots on paper from around 1996, the first are very experimental and short, wild etudes and usually try-outs (meaning: usually I didn't know what they would sound like!).

From 2005 untill 2007 I was in a very creative period and started to write the opposite;

very slow and long (at least longer than my first pieces), with the focus on the piano with usually violin and/or cello, and occassionally a voice or flute. I started to write a lot of unfinished works... Just recently I'v started to finish these works from the previous period as well as write and complete new works for different instrumentation. 

Below is a list of finished as well as unfinished works. 

The symbol(s) following the title stand(s) for the way this piece is available:

recorded musical work (could be a variation, adapation or re-work), available as                download, Cd, cassette, etc. (click on music note image)

video, a live recorded version or a short film maybe (click on camera image)

music license, for your film and movie project, for commercial use (click on image)

(some tracks might be retitled for this purpose)

LIST OF COMPOSITIONS (solo, chamber, vocal, orchestra, other):



Scapegoat (2020)

- for Bb-clarinet

Memoriam: For Lana (2011/2018)

- for acoustic guitar

Energumeni (2006/2018)

- for piano

Theme from Arches + Bridges (2012)

 - for piano

Three Short Pieces, Pt. 1,2,3 (2011)

- for piano

Untitled (2009)

- for piano

Garden of Roses (2008)

- for piano

Thoughts & Memories (2008)

- for piano

Mun {The Imagination} (2007)

- for piano

Bindu (2005)

- for piano

Philantus Erythrophthalmus Part 1 (2005)

- for piano

Opus 3: Etude for piano (1996-1998?)

- for piano

Opus 2: Etude for piano, right hand (1996-1998?)

- for any keyboard instrument

Opus 1: Impossible etude for Flugel horn (1996-1998?)

- for Flugel horn



Ex Nihilo (work in progress)
- for piano, violin, viola, cello

Solitado (2021)
- for violin and piano

Encomium (2021)

- for violin, harp, alto flute, horn

Wabi Sabi (2020-2021)
- for bass clarinet and acoustic guitar

Song for Sverre (2014-2021)
- for trumpet, horn, trombone

Vida á vontade (2020)
- for cello and acoustic guitar

Meditation for wind quintet (2011)
- for piccolo, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon

Vision (2007) - original version
- for string quartet, harp, percussion

Philantus Erythrophthalmus Part 3 (2005-2007)
- for violin, cello, piano

Philantus Erythrophthalmus Part 2 (2005-unfinished)
- for flute and piano

String Quartet No. 1 (2005-unfinished)
- for 2 violins, viola, cello


Vision (2007/2021) - vocal version
- for soprano, string quartet, harp and percussion

Virginalis (2006-2008/2014)

- for soprano, violin, cello, piano

Rust zacht, lieve opa (2010)
- for tenor, bariton, bass

Le Reve d'un Curieux (2005)
- for 2 voices






Vision (2007/2019) - version for orchestra
- for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, horn in F, trumpet in Bb, trombone, bass trombone, 2 violin, viola, cello, contrabass




Rainy Morning (2013) - short children's piece

- for piano

Wanjina (2007-2008) - pseudo-classical music

- for mixed choir, string orchestra and small ensemble (violin, cello,

harp, horn, tuba, flute, percussion)

Torcedores (1996-1998?) - for hardcore/punk band

- for 1/2 guitar(s), bass, drums

Classical works
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