"It seems you are willing to risk something and you are crossing musical boundaries

as if they never existed whatsoever" - [-hyph-] (MySpace reaction)


Here you will find album reviews, press releases, interviews, etc... in chronological order.

Click on the link in the grey bar to read the full text. 


The Phlod-Nar: MorphoGenesis EP (2016)

Randolf Smeets: Works for Piano (2012)

Dutch interview about my work Variations for Wind Quintet (2011)

(reworked as Meditation for Wind Quintet)

The Phlod-Nar: In Eternity (2010)

The Phlod-Nar: Wanjina (2008)

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(c) 2016 and so on, Randolf Smeets. Some artworks by Ilja Kleinjans and Barry Schuwirth.