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"This is not drone for the sake of drone music but it expands into something more than that."

- Vital Weekly (review MorphoGenesis cassette)

A Z   I M O G U

A Z I M O G U = "Treatments in Sound"


Experimental music where the focus is: creating music by intensively editing sounds and noise(s) to create (un)comforting and hopefully interesting sound pieces. 

Everything is possible and there are no restrictions. So you might listen to an multilayered ambient guitar track, a distorting piano piece, a haunting choir, and so on.


Only for adventurous listeners!! :)

Albums A Z I M O G U
A Z I M O G U - OPIANS #2 (album cover).JPG


May 7, 2021

This takes the tradition of solo piano works to another dimension. To come up with a different approach, instead of finishing as a completed composed and/or improvised piece, I came up with the idea to edit and re/work the piece after the recording, sometimes to extreme forms. This means adding effects, using different layers, cut and paste, backwards, mixing, etc.
All the sounds come from the original piano recording


August 28, 2017

'opians' will be a series of experiments where the main focus is the piano.

Mostly it will be improvisations but with, sometimes extremely, editing after the recording. This means extra layers of sounds and hopefully it will take the track to another dimension! ;) 

This first installment of opians has 4 tracks, from 3:22 to 21:16 minutes duration of each track.

Exclusion of Life

August 28, 2017

This music is created with unusual sound sources, musical instruments and sound design: 
feedback noises (1) 
mobile phone applications (2,4,5) 
sound design (2,3,4,6) 
voice (3) 
electric guitar (5) 
stuck Cd player (6)


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