"He contributed a beautiful soundtrack with inspiring themes." - Michiel van Hout on his documentary Arches + Bridges

Film music & soundtrack

Music written for films and other media. 



                                                                                    you will find hundreds of my own tracks with variations, shorter versions, and so on, for you to directly lisence.

Custom soundtrack music is possible, please contact me or visit



Arches + Bridges

October 02, 2012

Music written for the documentary Arches + Bridges, directed by Michiel van Hout. 

The main theme track is availabe for download, including 2-page sheet music. 

More info please visit: www.michielvanhout.nl/films 

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(c) 2016 and so on, Randolf Smeets. Some artworks by Ilja Kleinjans and Barry Schuwirth.