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" this inner darkness there is a light that blooms and becomes something more..." 

- Wildy Haskell (review Works for Piano)

other projects

Other projects, collaborations, compilations, remixes, free music, and so on. 

Listen to some guitarscapes AGULA,

or check out my clarinet playing with Concourse in Atmosphere,

remixes by other musicians or as The Phlod-Nar,

my jazz-with-movie-dialogue project Feirledijika,

create your own books using my music with Booktrack,

or my recording with Vigilan Freeland, and more!


Isolation and Rejection Vol. 5 (compilation)

October 29, 2020

ISOLATION AND REJECTION was born out of thinking about what happened to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto those fancy compilations (you know the ones), and then turned into a larger-than-planned project to collect, collate and promote rejected sounds. This is not an isolation project – it’s a rejection project.

We asked artists “Did you get rejected from that compilation? Did you send something somewhere, and then nothing happened? Did that one weird track not quite fit on the new album? Did you lose that guaranteed hit in the (actual or virtual) loft and have just stumbled across it? Well this is the compilation for you!”

All income raised is going to The Brick in Wigan – a charity on the front line of supporting those most in need, seeking to address the inequalities across England exacerbated by COVID-19, but there all along.

You can find a demo track of mine, Flames & Thunder, which is some sort of minimal pessimistic doom-jazz featuring my distorted voice (!) and instruments in a one-take-recording with no overdubs! 

The World is Over? (compilation)

March 31, 2020

The World is Over... or not. Depend of us.
Each contributor was invited to send one track to one side :
A-side to stop the humanity and B-side to continue.

A track of my experimental project A Z I M O G U is featured on Side A, titled Necromancy. 

Vigilan Freeland: Brothers Battles Beliefs

December 27, 2018

Brothers Battles Beliefs is the debut mini album of Vigilan Freeland. It is released on April 29th, 2016. 
You will gain 6 tracks as a mind mulch of indie pop, gothic rock, and north-west European folkrock. The music is omnifarious. The vocals are intens. The lyrics are deep. 

I play piano, keyboard, clarinet and electric bass on several tracks!

Concourse in Atmosphere: Revolution Cafe

October 31, 2015

Revolution Cafe is a first-of-its-kind musical production, guided by the individual imaginings of every collaborating musician. The Concourse in Atmosphere is a virtual meeting point for a variety of artists, each going their own way, but coming together in the cloud to create a revolutionary musical moment.

I play clarinet on 2 tracks: "Masking Identities and Baring Souls" and "Water Risin".


April 30, 2014

Agula is another project by Randolf playing guitar, bass and percussion to create atmospheric guitar-based ambient music,  some sort of "instrumental guitar ambience"  or "guitarscapes". 

So far 2 singles have been released: Deformation and Curiosa, available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.



January 31, 2015

With Booktrack you can read and create your own books with music and additional background sounds.

As an approved composer you can find some of my music here. 

WNT feat. The Phlod-Nar

December 02, 2013

A remix by WNT, shared on Soundcloud as a free track.

"The Phlod-Nar provided me with samples of him playing his piano, I chopped it, stretched it, turned it all the way around and put it in WN sound enviroment. Enjoy and let us know what you feel."



June 09, 2011

A project mixing jazz with movie dialogue. 

Check out several singles and mixes, instrumental versions are also available. 

Find it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, etc.


Remix of Arvo Pärt's "Sarah Was 90 Years Old"

November 19, 2010

A remix by The Phlod-Nar.

From the album Miserere by Arvo Pärt, one of Randolf's favourite works by this composer.

Samples are used from the voices of this particular track. 

Track 13 Vol. 2 [Gonzo/Simuze] (compilation)

March 06, 2009

[Dutch only]

Track 13 Vol. 2 verzamelt de nieuwste en spannendste muziek uit Nederland! 
Nu biedt ook de tweede Track13-cd een overzicht van de nieuwste en avontuurlijkste muziek uit Nederland. En omdat men zoveel kwaliteitsvolle inzendingen niet op 1 cd konden persen, is het een superspannende dubbel-cd geworden. Het gaat om echt ongetekend talent en er is volop ruimte voor experiment en avant-garde! Van elektronica, noise, improv, jazz tot gitaar en singer-song. Deze tweede Track 13-dubbelcd biedt een overzicht van de nieuwste avontuurlijke muziek uit alle hoeken van Nederland: van Nigtevegt tot Winsum en van Amsterdam tot Heerlen. 

Track: The Phlod-Nar - The Scopperjunk (from the album To Inhale)

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