website from Dutch composer/multi-instrumentalist Randolf Smeets, residing in Belgium. Since 1996.

Latest news:

The world is over_cover.jpg

track on compilation!


A Z I M O G U: Necromancy

Available as download

(click on image)

The World is Over... or not. Depend of us.
Each contributor was invited to send one track to one side :
A-side to stop the humanity and B-side to continue.


A track of my experimental project A Z I M O G U is featured on Side A, titled Necromanc y (from the Exclusion of Life EP).  


main project featuring all genres of music

acoustic and electric guitarscapes, 

with bass, drums and percussion

treatments in sound = experimental soundscapes & noises

soundtrack and music written for the screen

ambient duo with Jaxxrain with piano and electronics

jazz music with movie dialogue

classical and chamber works

other stuff, collaborations, releases, re-mixes...

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(c) 2016 and so on, Randolf Smeets. Some artworks by Ilja Kleinjans and Barry Schuwirth.