Dutch composer/multi-instrumentalist Randolf Smeets, residing in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.

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The Mun Astronauts - Desert Island (3000

new album !

The Mun Astronauts: Desert Island

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After 6 years finally a new album. The result of jam sessions at our homes in Heerlen, The Netherlands (where we lived as neighbours until 2012). The approach to most of the tracks is different from our previous work. Because we would jam and improvise on the spot instead of swapping files back and forth. Some tracks come from composed piano works where the electronic sounds add atmosphere. This album has more beats/noises, less piano and sounds more electronic, like our previous single Poy. Sometimes we would only use a set-up with laptop and Handsonic 10 (electronic drum) and even a mobile phone. Although our typical sound with piano and subtle electronic sounds is also present.


main project featuring all genres of music

acoustic and electric guitarscapes, 

with bass, drums and percussion

treatments in sound = experimental soundscapes & noises

soundtrack and music written for the screen

ambient duo with Barry with piano and electronics

jazz music with movie dialogue

classical and chamber works

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