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Dutch composer/multi-instrumentalist Randolph, residing in Belgium. Creating music since 1996.

Latest news:

Black Paint

Available as download/ digital platforms + Cd

The original "debut" album by The Phlod-Nar featuring 10 tracks in a very jumpy style covering the outer limits of musical expression, sort of.

New version of this album, originally created between 2004-2006.
Mastered in 2021 and some works needed revision.

This album used to be (unofficially) part 1 of 5 of music from The Phlod-Nar 1996-2006.

released March 29, 2022


main project featuring all genres of music

acoustic and electric guitarscapes, 

with bass, drums and percussion

treatments in sound = experimental soundscapes & noises

soundtrack and music written for the screen

ambient duo with Barry with piano and electronics

jazz music with movie dialogue

classical and chamber works

other stuff, collaborations, releases, re-mixes...

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